Specialty Coffee

The term Specialty Coffee was used for the first time in America in 1974 by Erma Knutsen to distinguish certain coffees.
The term Specialty Coffee refers to very High Quality green coffee beans, roasted by professionals in compliance with well-defined standards in order to best develop their aromatic potential.
The selection begins in the plantation where it is decided to use a particular botanical variety in a production area of ​​the world, where during the harvest and processing the coffee receives all the possible attention to maintain high quality; both in the preparation of beans and in export.
Specialty coffee is a coffee that has no defects, which has a personality in the cup that distinguishes it. Each specialty coffee requires its particular roasting and ideal extraction with which it best expresses its own aromatic qualities to allow the end customer to better enjoy this delicious drink.
According to the SCAA cupping protocol, to be declared Specialty, a coffee must have obtained a score of 80+ on the evaluation form.

The francaffè roasts the "Specialty Coffee", Cup of Excellence "and Gourmet coffees one day a week: Saturdays.Orders placed by Friday at 00:00 are shipped starting from Monday.

torrefazione Specialty Coffee
torrefazione Specialty Coffee
torrefazione Specialty Coffee
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